Concordia Lighthouse

Turbulence is both tragic and great. It can destroy us or propel us. It is a deep force, synonymous with the sea. Even when the surface seems calm, movements below are fierce. Intense oceanic currents are unfathomable and unpredictable. But undeniably, it is part of the nature of things. Channeling its energy is in many ways what keeps us alive, both literally and metaphorically. 

The Concordia Lighthouse is both an emblem and a machine. It is a symbol of the harsh relationship between land and sea. But it is also a model for future lighthouses, an example of symbiosis between opposing forces. It stands directly where the Costa Concordia sank. Seen from above, it is shaped like a ring. At its heart is a water vortex, spinning downwards, a symbol of the devastating force of the sea. The structure itself serves as a belvedere where visitors have a panoramic view of the surroundings and can pay homage to the lives lost in the wreckage. Rather than standing safely on the coast, warning others of the dangers of the sea, it stands directly in the water, embracing it rather than resisting it. Its form is inspired by the propeller. It seems to have been built and carved from the rocks on which it stands. Water runs directly though it. Its power is channeled and transformed into light, guiding us through the night.


Date : 2015
Location : Isola del Giglio, IT
Client : matterbetter
Budget : -
Status : competition entry
Images : Pelletier de Fontenay