Glass pavilion

Our ambition for this project was to give the Botanical Garden a true Living Space. A Glass Pavilion formed by nature and who in return becomes its principal subject. Architecture developed more like an organism than a mechanism, like a relational object inspired by the complex connexions in nature as a way to get closer to it. Architecture fostered by its environment and adapting itself to it so well that it becomes part of it. This symbiosis with the environment produces in return a spectacle of Nature. A staging of light, florae and changing seasons, where you can see the surrounding landscape from all sides, sense the passing light, smell of flowers and earth, feel the warmth of the summer and the coldness of the winter.

All forms of life evolve and transform themselves through adaptation. The leaf for example exists in infinite forms, all trying to establish the most efficient connection possible to light, water and the species that surround it. These contextual factors in turn generate a fabulous variety of shapes and structures. This adaptive plasticity is the main source of inspiration of the Glass Pavilion. The Glass Pavilion is in many ways in constant metamorphosis, continually changing appearance and adapting itself to sync itself with the cycles of nature.


Date : 2014
Location : Montreal, QC
Client : Insectarium de Montréal
Design architect : Kuehn Malvezzi / Pelletier de Fontenay
Architect of record : Jodoin Lamar Pratte
Landscape architect : atelier le balto
Structural engineer : NCK
Services engineer : Dupras
Climate engineer : Transsolar
Budget : 13.2 M$ CAN
Status : International competition finalist
Images : Kuehn Malvezzi / Pelletier de Fontenay / atelier le balto