De Lanaudière

Located near Dunham, Qc. less than an hour outside of Montreal, the site of the house is a field surrounded by forest in an area where agricultural land abuts the mountains of the Eastern Townships. The lot itself is a derelict field taken over by wildflowers and small shrubs. There’s nothing spectacular about the surrounding landscape or view, only farmland and the adjacent forest. While land around the city is getting more expensive and smaller in size, large expanses of agricultural land are being abandoned. Largely overlooked by homeowners, this type of land offers many advantages such as large non-subdivided lots, expansive views and simple site work and preparation. Preserving and reclaiming this land was at the core of the project. The house was therefore designed around the land.


programme / type : residentiel / residential lieu / location : Dunham, QC client : privé / private phase : en cours / ongoing